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Social Media


Your free assessment measures your business' current performance in seven categories;

  • Your local business listings

  • Your online reviews

  • Social media performance

  • Website audit

  • Online advertising 

  • SEO

  • E-commerce

Our 4 Step Process


Claim your free online digital profile report. The report will highlight areas that are working as well as places for improvement.

It starts with a plan

We will create for you a step by step actionable marketing plan and budget to deliver measurable results.


Gain access to our business app and tools you need to execute the marketing plan.


Check into your own business app to track and monitor progress, including weekly or monthly Executive Reports.


We will help grow your customer base using our extensive experience in marketing and sales.


Success Stories

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Dave, Electrician

Matt is amazing. I have been mucked around with SEO and Google Ad word companies in the past. Matt has been a huge help for me in growing my business. Could not recommend Matt highly enough!

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Rod, Prestige Sports

These guys are great! Matt offered a great service and I am seeing fantastic results. Definitely worth every cent.

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Greg, Firestop Centre

We have worked with My DMA for some 8 months and have always found them to be responsive and have communicated with clarity. We recommend My DMA to any who are considering using their services.

Businesses we have helped grow

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Work with a trusted industry provider


Top 10 email marketing companies in NZ

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Certified Digital Marketing Professionals

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Preferred Partner

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Preferred Partner


At My Digital Marketing Agency, we know you want your business to fire on all cylinders, so to achieve this, your marketing needs to become your complete focus.


The problem is that you are always busy with the other parts of your business that require your attention right now and you will get to marketing when you have the time. As the great Tui beer marketing campaign says "Yeah, right!" 

We understand your business. We are a local Christchurch-based digital marketing company with a leadership team that has started and owned multiple businesses across many industries.

We created My Digital Marketing Agency to partner with business owners in navigating the wide range of tools and tactics available to help market and your business online. 

So whether you are looking for web marketing Christchurch, search engine marketing Christchurch, internet marketing Christchurch, content marketing Christchurch or a digital marketing company near me,

we've got you covered.

Digital marketing services can help businesses to reach a wider audience and promote their products or services more effectively.


In Christchurch, there are a number of advertising agencies that specialize in digital marketing, and they can provide a range of services such as google ads, social media marketing, and email marketing.


By working with an experienced agency, businesses can ensure that their digital marketing campaigns are highly effective and reach the right people. In addition, agencies can also offer advice on how to best use digital marketing tools to achieve the desired results.


With the help of a good digital marketing agency, businesses in Christchurch can boost their sales and reach a larger target market.


Step 1. Claim your award-winning free needs assessment report. Once this is complete (within 24 hours) our agency team will contact you to go through the information and share our expertise on areas to improve on. 


Step 2. Armed with this information we can start to see what areas of your business marketing need improvement and we create a plan to achieve this.


Step 3.  Then we offer you the tools and services you need to succeed.

You can keep track of activity using our proprietary Business App and monthly client Executive Report.

Claim your free assessment online now or book a meeting either in person if you are Christchurch or Canterbury placed or online using the client booking link.

Stop feeling guilty about not getting around to the marketing activities your business needs to get results and realise its full potential. 

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