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A simple and affordable strategy to help small businesses compete online!


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Success Stories

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Dave, Electrician

Matt is amazing. I have been mucked around with SEO and Google Ad word companies in the past. Matt has been a huge help for me in growing my business. Could not recommend Matt highly enough!

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Rod, Prestige Sports

These guys are great! Matt offered a great service and I am seeing fantastic results. Definitely worth every cent.

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Greg, Firestop Centre

We have worked with My DMA for some 8 months and have always found them to be responsive and have communicated with clarity. We recommend My DMA to any who are considering using their services.

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Chris, Upright Scaffolding

Matt gives us that creative edge. Really easy to bounce ideas off and keeps it fun!

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Businesses we have helped grow

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Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 4.23.50 PM.png
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Top 10 email marketing companies in NZ

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Certified Digital Marketing Professionals

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Preferred Partner

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Preferred Partner


Feeling overwhelmed? We know that running a business can seem like juggling many balls at once.


Let us make it easier for you by taking the marketing of your business off your plate! My Digital Marketing Agency is here to help with our local Christchurch-based team made up of experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully launched businesses in various industries.


With our understanding and expertise we'll put together an online marketing plan tailored specifically to fit the needs of your individual company – so no more "Yeah Right!" moments when getting promoting yourself on the web.


Get ready kickstart success now through My Digital Marketing Agency's services!

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