Hi, my name is Matt, and yes, that cheesy picture to the left is me.

I have a confession to make - I am a digital marketer!


The first symptoms of digital marketing came many years ago...


Throughout my career, I have owned and operated several small businesses. I realised early on that marketing is the most core and fundamental activity for the success of any (and every) business.


However, my passion for digital marketing surfaced when I owned and operated a concrete crack repair business after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

I worked hard on becoming the first organic listing for concrete crack repairs in Christchurch, and, you know what - it actually worked! I also ran a series of Google ads, ran some PR campaigns, invested in local SEO and started to dabble in social media.

That business was incredibly successful, and I sold it 5 years later. During this phase, the lessons I learned I have since replicated for clients from wineries and restaurants, trades and services, online e-commerce stores, and professional services.

Fast forward 11 years, and I am still tweaking metrics and learning about digital marketing.

When I am not dissecting Google Analytics reports and running online ad campaigns, I am fathering 3 pre-teen children and spending time with my lovely wife.

I also enjoy fishing, golfing, mountain biking (downhill only), snowboarding and coaching kids sports (mainly girls football). I love watching (almost) any sport in the company of friends and preferably with a cold craft beer (a hazy IPA if your shouting).

What I do all day, every day is thinking about marketing for small to medium enterprises. If you need help in this area, I would love to have a chat; even if you don't become a client, I genuinely enjoy chatting to people about their businesses - so why not book a time to see if we are a fit.


Here's what our customers have to say

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Dave, Electrician

Matt is amazing. I have been mucked around with SEO and Google Ad word companies in the past. Matt has been a huge help for me in growing my business. Could not recommend Matt highly enough!

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Rod, Prestige Sports

These guys are great! Matt offered a great service and I am seeing fantastic results. Definitely worth every cent.

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Greg, Firestop Centre

We have worked with My DMA for some 8 months and have always found them to be responsive and have communicated with clarity. We recommend My DMA to any who are considering using their services.