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The DIY Marketing Plan is best suited for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Real time Market Demand

The first phase of the DIY Marketing Plan is to uncover the truths of your business. We dig deep to discover how many internet searches there for your industry? What is the size of business in your region? Who is conducting the searches, and what platforms do they use?

We break down your buyer persona so we can understand who our communications need to be targeting.

Step by Step Action Plan

We know it can be overwhelming to be handed a great list of possible marketing activities to deploy.  For this reason, we have broken the actions down into manageable weekly steps based in order of priority, while balancing the need for quick results.

You will receive a step by step, paint by numbers action plan with actions to achieve your deliverables.

Nothing is left to chance if you follow the plan each week and each month.

Website & SEO Audit

People don’t read online; they scan websites. As the modern user’s attention span has decreased dramatically, the website has to be done in such a way that the core message is conveyed in less than five seconds. The visitor should be able to understand a few things quickly: What is the product or service being offered?, How much will it cost? How do I get it?  If they don’t find the expected information in a few seconds, 90% of this traffic will bounce to your competitor’s site. 

Off Site SEO Strategy

Google has over 200 factors that can affect your ranking.  Your OFF-SITE SEO/ BACKLINKS strategy is vital for you to gain traffic organically as opposed to paid ads.  The more backlinks /website shares your website has, the better it ranks on Google.

We will provide you with a set of step by step actions to work on each month to improve but please note creting organis traffic to your site using SEO is a long term plan.

Paid Growth Strategies

For small businesses & startups, we recommended starting with free marketing channels, however our plan also includes a Pay Per Click or SEM strategy to deploy when the time is right. We conduct thorough research to understand your audience’s behaviour to provide you with the optimum marketing channel. Whether it is Google Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn or one of the many other paid platforms available we provide you with the strategies and a step by a step action plan for execution.

User Engagement Strategy

It takes an average of 22 impressions to convert a website visitor into paying clients. Without proper engagement activities, the marketing funnel is incomplete. Once you start activating our plan you will receive an increase in traffic to your website. 

We will provide you with tools such as re-targeting, email campaigns and sales funnels to continue to engage with visitors and convert to customers.

Content Marketing Ideas

91% of businesses to claim an increase in organic website traffic from spending as little as 6 hours per week on content marketing. You don’t worry about starting things from scratch, we understand the pain of finding the right ideas for Content Marketing.

With the DIY Marketing Strategy Plan you get a list of well-researched & relevant content ideas for all recommended marketing channels.

Budget & ROI

You will never able to grow Business until you plan, track, and measure marketing costs and ROI. Defining the Marketing budget is crucial for envisioning long term growth and setup the right expectations. Our DIY Marketing Plan includes detailed monthly marketing expenditures & expected ROI for 12 months. It helps you plan things in advance, refine marketing strategies, and optimise outcomes. 

Custom DIY Marketing Plan

Custom DIY Marketing Plan

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