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Do you need compelling content marketing for your website or sales material?

All New Zealand businesses need some form of written content to appeal to their target audience but many business owners struggle putting pen to paper to create quality content for their websites and other marketing assets.

Imagine you had a content writer on call that could craft the right words for your website or print material?

You don't have time to worry about content marketing and writing blog posts, copywriting or updating social media posts.


Specialist content writers

Let us handle your communications so you can focus on running your business! Our experienced content writers will take care of everything from A to NZ so all you need to do is sit back and watch as your website traffic grows and leads come flooding in.

Our web content writers are trained SEO content marketing writers with the main goal of creating high-quality content that will maximise search engine results, attract potential clients and convert customers.

Examples of our work

Explainer article for a client

What is a 'cloud' or 'ghost' kitchen?
Web Copy for modelling Agency

About Us - Jam Modelling
A blog for a landscaping company

How to get the best yields from your fruit trees
Article for Hardware distributor

Guide to fixings and fasteners


Work with a trusted industry provider


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Our 3 step process


Email us using our Contact Us form with some ideas about your brief.

Call back and clarify

After receiving your brief, we will contact you to answer any further questions we might have about your project.

we send you your content

We will report back to you with our content and you can request any revisions.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our work,


We are creating copywriting services at a rate of over 10,000 words per week for clients from all industries.

We know how difficult it is to find local New Zealand based writers that understand the nuances of marketing communications in Aoteroa.

At My Digital Marketing Agency, we can help develop awesome content marketing for your website.

Whether you need a technical writer or content writer for your website copy or sales material. Our content marketing and content writing team can manage your one-off project or ongoing writing services.


We can even assist with your entire content marketing strategy from;

  • Blogs and article writing

  • Social media

  • Whitepapers

  • Lead generation documents

  • Client email campaigns

  • Product descriptions

  • Website content and digital copy

  • Marketing and advertising copy for Google and Facebook ads

  • Video scripts

  • Biography articles

  • Press releases

  • Landing pages


Heres how it works


  1. Contact our content marketing writers with a brief of what you are trying to achieve

  2. We will call to discuss and clarify your brief

  3. We create the content and (if necessary) – revise.

  4. If you don’t like the content we have created – you don’t have to pay for it!





Let's face it! You didn't go into business to become a copywriter or do content marketing or blog writing.

Use trained web content marketing writers to write content for your website pages and marketing tools and stop trying to learn another skill that should be outsourced.​

Stop trying to “find time” to create your content marketing material and let the team My Digital Marketing Agency team do it for you.

​We believe that business owners should focus on what they do best and we understand that content marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Let us provide your business with compelling content to help attract business grow your revenue.


Contact our office today on 0272 684 55 or email us at info@mydma.co.nz and let's get started!

Content Marketing NZ

The Numbers Don't Lie

The average monthly leads for firms producing content of more than 51 blog entries is 77% than those without. 

The more engaging content potential customers must examine and get acquainted with, the more likely they are to enjoy their first visit, return at a later date, and eventually make a purchase. 

Having many well-written, well-considered, and content marketing material entries on your website will help you and your firm establish yourself as authorities in the field. Also, search engine results pages (SERPs) favour sites with frequently updated and relevant information.


Establish a Connection

According to a recent survey, blog material has helped drive more than one-third of purchases in the past year.

Whether they're purchasing a blender, an RV, or taking cooking classes, people are looking at reviews and brushing up on their options to fulfil their demands, needs, and desires.

What you're able to cultivate is an atmosphere for them not only to exist in but also to return to by establishing a solid library of blog articles and other material for them to read through.

Build your social media following

You can quickly generate many new followers on your social networks and email list if you utilise your blog material effectively.

It takes some time to accumulate enough material to keep interested visitors coming back, but with the aid of one of our blog writers, it's a task that may be completed much quicker than you'd expect.

The share-ability of a high-quality blog article is one of its benefits across various platforms.

Consumers want your content

Consumers love reading company blogs because they provide them with a chance to learn more about whom they're purchasing from. Having a solid brand identity, especially for new enterprises, is critical. Having unique content of your own can assist you in developing your brand.

Increase Website Traffic

Through online searches and social media, blog articles drive visitors to your website.

Websites with a consistently-updated material rank higher in the search engine game.

With more visitors, you'll find a more significant number of leads, prospects, and coworkers, as well as increased revenue for you and your business.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and start taking advantage of the blog writing services.