Set your social media on fire with these useful tips

Social media marketing is an essential part of the modern business world. It's challenging to stay on top of all social platforms and keep up with all that needs to be done, but it can be done!

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So here are my top 10 ideas for social media posts.

Promotional Posts - shameless promotion time. Spread the word about little known features of your product/service.

Educational posts that demonstrate how to use your product or service.

Empowerment posts. Use quotes or stories that inspire you and align your values.

Engagement posts are great to get involvement from your followers to create a competition or giveaway that involves your product.

Ask a question - For example; Fill in the blank " My last insurance claim was _____"

Personal Posts - great for promoting company culture, work functions, events attended.

Share interesting news about your industry. A top tip is to use Google Search to look up your industry and specify the "news" option.

Social Proof Posts are an excellent opportunity to show off any recent testimonials or reviews.

Reshare someone else's content who matter to you. It could be a client or a supplier who has some great news to share.

Festival Posts such as Christmas, Black Friday, Talk Like a Pirate Day or Matariki.

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