How to engage a New Zealand Copywriter

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriters are experts in persuasive writing.

Copywriting can be used to sell a product, promote an idea or concept, or raise awareness of something. Copywriters use words to create compelling messages that make people want to buy products or take action.

Copywriters are also known as content writers, content creators, and online content marketers.

What can a content writer do for my business?

A good content writer will generate valuable blog posts, media releases, and sales copy. Copywriters can also help to organise events or conduct interviews. Copywriters can be commissioned for a specific project or ongoing, depending on the client's requirements.

Copywriters adhere to clients' briefs and instructions and deliver work on-point and on-brand with the company's identity. The better your client brief is, the more effectively you can satisfy or exceed expectations as a copywriter.

How to write a client brief for freelancers or web content writers?

When preparing a brief for a contractor or freelance copywriter, you must first establish the purpose of the piece of work you want to create.

Typically, there are three reasons why a business would want to create content

  • Inform and educate

  • Persuade or sell

  • Share an opinion

Is the content writing part of an overall strategy?

To engage with your audience and succeed with your marketing initiatives, it is best to construct a content strategy plan.

A content marketing strategy plan is a document that describes how you intend to manage your marketing content (such as where and when you want to publish it). Your content strategy should include the following:

  • Content format (e.g., social media postings, blogs, articles, etc.)

  • Distribution channels such as your website or bulk email

  • Management and responsibilities. Who will write and who will post.

  • Timeline or a monthly plan of task due dates

  • The performance of your content - how will you gauge its success

A well-crafted plan provides a framework for creating and posting your content.

Keywords and keyword research for search engines

One of the primary purposes of blog writing or content writing articles is Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO). The key to doing this is successfully is by focussing on keywords relevant to your business that you can rank using these terms in your content.

It is essential to do keyword research to ensure that the search terms are relevant to your business and determine the competitiveness of those terms.

An SEO content writer should be able to assist you with keyword research to ensure the best outcome.


While keywords in your quality content are essential, your written content also needs to appeal to your intended audience. Make sure your content writing contractor is aware of the demographics of your intended audience. For example, content writers will use a very different tone in their blog writing for Engineers and Architects with ballistic proof wall panels than they would for an article about a modelling agency "About us" website pages (trust me - I know).


To elaborate further on the audience is the tone you would like to represent your brand. Great content writers can write content in a wide variety of styles, but they will need direction from you to get this right for your particular brand.


Do you require images to accompany your writing projects? Visual images are important to help readers better imagine what you're talking about. Content writers will use both stock images and their original photography for this purpose if you need to add this as an additional service.

Do not overlook the importance of images in your website content. Images have been reported to increase engagement and conversion and should be considered an essential element in your content.

People like images to break up their content. Because people like images, search engines also like images, so to accompany your high-quality content, you should include 4-5 quality images on your web pages.

Costs for blog writing in New Zealand

As highlighted above, a content writer's job is more than to write content. They must first research and understand the topic, know the intended audience, research and use keywords and phrases for search engines, edit, format, and in some cases, provide images.

Top content writing services will also include meta descriptions and alt tags for your images, and they are often asked to upload the web content onto the website itself.

At My Digital Marketing Agency, we typically charge $99 for a 500-word article, including keyword research. We can also provide images upon request, and yes, we provide all SEO off-site descriptions and tags.

Our content writing packages can also provide written content for social media posts, article writing, product pages, landing pages, white papers, website copy, and case studies.

How long does the process take?

Once you have engaged your content writers, the process is pretty fast.

At My Digital Marketing Agency, we typically take one week from engagement to final product delivery and first client review.

You must have a good understanding of what it will cost and how long this will take before selecting any company or individual, so be sure to ask lots of questions when looking at potential candidates.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for a copywriter or content creator, we can help. Our team is professional and experienced in all aspects of marketing, including SEO, advertising campaigns, social media ads, and writing blog posts and articles to drive traffic back to your site.

Contact us today so we can get started on your project!

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