Claim your Google My Business listing now.

Blogs like this typically kick off with some boring stats like 99.9% of people will buy your stuff if you do this thing right now. Not today, folks - not on my watch. Today we will get straight down and dirty on why and how you should claim your GMB listing.


  1. More visible in local search results (good)

  2. A more trustworthy looking (win)

  3. You will receive notice if someone complains or says something nice about you on Google (handy)

  4. Create better Google ads (meh) or


Say what? Just because you have a GMB listing (even if it is verified), this does not mean you have claimed it. This means that visitors can comment, review, or even suggest edits to your page without your knowledge.

Claim it!

This part is straightforward, but some digital companies can charge up to $150 for these services.

Your GMB listing will contain a link that says either "Manage this business" or "Claim this business". I see so many listings with the "claim this business", and if that is you – then you need to claim it. If your listing says manage my business - well done, your listing is already claimed.

Optimise your listing

Now what? OK, so your listing is claimed – now you really need to be optimising it for the best results.

Step one - complete every field you can—even the annoying opening times. Very few local businesses are open 24 hours so go through filling in every section as accurately as you can and regularly (monthly) cross-check for accuracy.

Step two - post videos and photos. This can be a little harder for some service businesses but try office walk-through videos, car fleet photos or pics of you on the job. Google loves images and videos, so keep up this regularly.

Handy tip: Try using our Social Marketing tool, which allows you to create one single post and then cross share overall social media platforms simultaneously (including Google My Business).

Step three - Use the Q & A section in a similar way to your FAQ page on your website - it is your business, and you know the same questions everyone asks of your service or product.

Step Four include a calendar booking like this Online Appointment Booking service so potential customers can book directly. The app such as can sync to your calendar, so there are no double bookings, and you can set the hours of availability to work for you.

Step Five - get reviews. If you are a garage sitting alongside 5 other local garages on google, and they all have 5 x 4-star ratings, and one has 115 x 5-star ratings - who would you call first? Ratings and reviews can take time, so start now and keep going.

Handy tip: Try using a customer review tool such as Customer Voice alongside a management tool such as Reputation Management. These tools can help to quickly and easily collect reviews via phone or email. They can assist manage your online reputation from one place and maintain accurate listing across multiple directories. You can also order and respond to all your reviews and engage in online conversation across the web.

If you need help or would like more information on any of the products listed in this article, please drop me a line at any time.

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