9 Social media post ideas for your small business

It can be challenging for small business owners to post interesting things on social media. You know you are supposed to post content regularly, but it can be intimidating to find useful and relevant content without your posts coming across as too "salesy". I am going to share with you the secret sauce of balancing quantity and quality for your business to thrive online. Promotional posts These posts describe a particular product or service your business offers, and while it might sound obvious, sometimes even your existing customers may not know everything your business does. In these types of posts say it loud and say it proud. "This is our product; this is how it works, and here is how it can benefit you!" However, use these post sparingly - suggestion no more than 1 per week. Educational posts Write these posts for the benefit of your audience. Offer some of the tips, tricks and hacks of your industry. A great example of this is the team at Corcovado Store who recently posted a great article on Facebook about how to style an awkward space in your home. 1 - 2 posts per week Empowerment posts Empowerment posts are great to motivate your audience and can position you as a trusted advisor. A powerful or meaningful quote from someone famous or a short story about a colleague that inspired you: LinkedIn has Kudos cards which you can use to thank a co-worker. One empowerment post per week is plenty. Entertainment posts Friday funnies, Monday madness call them what you like but make your audience laugh and smile. Again, you might want to use these sparingly as you are promoting your business after all. Avoid sarcasm though, it rarely comes across well online or in a social media post...or does it? Personal Don't be afraid to let a little bit of your personality shine through once in a while. After all, people like to do to business with people. If you've just completed a marathon, share it, looking forward to a concert? Tell everyone about it. Recently finished a great book? Pass it forward. It can be daunting to put yourself out there, but people want to read about other peoples experiences, warts and all. Share interesting data or industry trends Are you privy to an industry report that others might find interesting? Maybe you are a real estate agent who has just received the latest stats around New Zealand house prices - this would be a great post to share with your audience. Typically, these types of posts are easiest to share as they can be as simple as sharing a news article where someone has done all the work for you. 1- 2 per week should be plenty. Social proof Have you or your business been mentioned in the media? Have you recently received an excellent testimonial from a satisfied client? Be proud of it, post it and share it with the world. You could also write up case studies so others can see the great work you've been up to. Reshares This one might seem fairly obvious but support your audience. But if someone in your community is trying to spread the word around a particular topic or promotion, help them - share it with your audience, post a comment and get involved in a conversation. Seasonal and festive posts Sure, you can use these posts to mention your Christmas opening and closing dates, but you can also use this type of post to have a little fun - April Fools, Valentines Day or talk like a Pirate Day (my personal fav). You can also show a serious and concerning side to you and your business on solemn occasions such as religious festivals and memorials. So, team, there are seven days in the week, and I've given you eight posting suggestions so get out start promoting your business.

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