We will help grow your customer base using our extensive experience in marketing and sales.

Want a clear picture of how your business is performing online?

A full assessment of your business' online profile will be sent to you within 24 hours

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Hello, my name is Matt and if you're looking for a team to champion your project management needs, here at My DMA my minions and I are able to resolve your digital and traditional marketing desires.

The buck stops with me, so as your single point of contact, I promise to be responsive and accountable and btw, if you do happen to talk to my team, please don't mention that I called them minions. 

We are a sales-focused digital marketing agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand. By enhancing your digital profile, we will help grow your customer base using our extensive experience in marketing and sales. Reach out and we'll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be - ahead of the rest.

Tired of paying for marketing that doesn't get RESULTS?

How much time are you wasting jumping from one marketing strategy to the next?

Is your digital website design delivering your brand new clients consistently?

Stop wasting time struggling with your digital marketing strategy if this is not your area of expertise

Stop feeling guilty thinking you will get to marketing "when you have the time"!


Start focusing on what matters in your business - your customers.

Increase leads and customers

Boost sales and online enquiries through your website

Stop wasting money on Google Ads that you don't quite understand!

Social Media 


Three digital service models that cater to the unique needs of your business.


As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities each demanding your attention.

Imagine the peace of mind when you no longer have to feel guilty about putting off your marketing until you have some spare time because let's face it - spare time rarely happens!

We know what it is like to own and operate small to medium companies because our business leadership team have all been there.

We work with professional brands to deliver strategies and techniques designed to attract new customers through targeted and creative SEO and online website design strategies.

Our Christchurch based Digital Marketing Agency works hand in hand with our clients to develop simple, yet effective marketing strategies that will grow your business.

Our Digital Marketing Agency guarantees results!

How would it feel to have your own dedicated digital marketing team at an affordable price?

When you partner with us, we don't sit back and wait for your leads. We work with you and are ready to help you win new customers using our experience with the following proven strategies.

You know exactly what you want for your business and how to interact with customers online. We simply provide you the tools and training, and then you’re off to conquer the digital world on your own.


We team up and share the workload on a level everyone is comfortable with. We’ll take on the responsibilities you don’t want to worry about, like listings management, review monitoring, and social posting.

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Do It With Me

If you’re too busy to worry about online marketing, we can do most (if not all) of the heavy lifting for you. We get right under the hood and learn your business and customers so we can communicate your brand effectively.

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Do It For Me